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Three Tips for Outdoor Celebrations

Pro Tips for Outdoor Celebrations

Easy ways to make any outside event a success.

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July 6, 2021
June 7, 2021

Celebrating outdoors?  Here are three quick and easy tips to make your shindig extra special:

  1. Nothing brightens up a patio more than a fresh new potted plant. Raise them up by stacking two pots bottom to bottom for a pillar height
  2. I love my fire pit in the fall and winter months but it there isn’t much use of it in the summertime.  Create a fire pit cover gaming table. Makes for an inviting sitting area for gatherings. 
  3. Create your own patio paradise with DIY outdoor canvas rug. Choose a simple design like a canopy stripe or check pattern. You’ll need canvas drop cloth, Paint Brush and or roller and outdoor paint and painter tape. Layout your canvas a plastic sheet steam out the creases or lay flat for a few hours so the wrinkles go away before you begin. Take painters tape to protect the areas of the canvas you want to keep paint free. A roller can be used for large areas and a brush is necessary for smaller pattern details. The canvas absorbs the paint and dries stiff which is great for an outdoor rug. To protect it from the out door elements use a fabric protectant spray over top.