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How to Tie a Decorative Bow That Stays in Place

How to Tie Decorative Bows Using Different Types of Ribbon

Become a bow pro with these easy tips.

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July 6, 2021
June 29, 2021
You will need:
  • Wire edged ribbon
  • Floral wire
  • Fabric scissors

Whether it be for a wreath or a centerpiece, the concept is the same: Wire edged ribbon lets you place the bow where you want it, while helping it stay in place and hold its shape!

I use ribbon at least 2.5" in width for a nice overall size when finished. The trick to making a beautiful bow is keeping the right side of the ribbon always on top.

Step 1:

Take the end of the ribbon and create a small loop and hold it with your thumb inside the loop and the fingers out side the loop.  This creates the nose which will hide the wire tie of the finished bow.

Step 2:

The key is to give the ribbon a good twist to turn the ribbon right side up when you form the second larger loop.

Step 3:

Keep twisting and forming loops on opposite sides until you have 5 loops on each side.

Step 4:

After the last loop leave a length of ribbon 12-15” long before cutting, this creates the tail.

Step 5:

Cut another 12-15” length of ribbon for the second tail.

Step 6:

Place the tail opposite to the tail that is already attached and hold in place by the twist area.

Step 7:

Take a piece of wire, 10” or so long and pass it through the center of the first loop created and bend it at the half way point and wrap the wire around back.  The secret is to twist the bow and hold the wire in place.  By twisting the bow you will make a nice tight bow.

Using wire edged ribbon means you can easily style your bow and keep its shape maintained with quick and easy adjustments!