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Rainy Day Catch Up

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July 5, 2021
June 1, 2021
Rainy Day Catch Up


Today is a rainy day and those are always perfect for a chat with my friend, Sandy.  She was so excited about her handmade jewelry that is selling very well in a local boutique.  She’s so good at locating unique fabrics and buttons for her bracelets and works really hard to make them special and sellable.  She also told me all about the new shipment of clothing that just arrived at the boutique and I can’t wait to go shopping for new styles! It reminds me of my working days and how much I loved hunting for the next new styles and patterns.

I’m visiting South Carolina next week so Sandy and I will have a girl’s day for sure. I really miss the fun times when we worked together, and this will give us an opportunity to catch up on many topics. We were trendsetters for sure!

I’m going to share my new Gwen Studios ribbons with her and maybe a new craft will be developed!


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