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Introducing: Pop It Fun!

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November 22, 2021
November 22, 2021
Introducing: Pop It Fun!

Every once in a while, a toy comes along that appeals to every age group – even those of us who are “Kids at Heart”. This appears to be the case with the Pop Its!


All kids already know what these are, and are collecting them to attach to backpacks, swap with friends, and to use just for fun. They are the latest offering in the “fidget” toy craze.


Pop Its are an environmentally friendly alternative to bubble wrap, which has been a popular popping fidget toy for decades. Instead of wasting a one-use plastic, Pop Its can be used as many times as you like! They’re great for helping not just your fidget needs but the planet as well!


In the new digital school age kids can get easily distracted on video calls, but a Pop It will help them focus during class by giving them something to do with their hands. Kids are not the only age group that will benefit from having a fun helper on long video calls, adults can also use Pop Its during meetings to help focus.

The plus side of the Pop Its, aside from being a fun toy, is that they are educational and help to develop dexterity, fine motor skills, and sensory perception. They are safe to give to younger kids because there’s no small parts to swallow, just good popping fun! The bright colors are eye-catching and make them fun to carry around and show off!

You can tell these kids are having a great time with their Pop Its, and Gwen Studios is proud to announce that our Pop Its will be available on 11/15 in your local Walmart, and on - just in time for Christmas! They certainly are a great size for stocking stuffers and are fun gifts for every age.

P.S. Let’s not let the kids have all the fun!








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