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Halloween Ghost

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October 26, 2021
October 18, 2021
gwen studios halloween ghost decoration

I have many friends who share their ideas with me which is very special.   Jean, my wonderful crafty friend, was talking with me the other day about how much she enjoyed sharing her love of crafting with her grandchildren. Her granddaughter, who is 8, loves to craft!


She showed me the latest project she did with her grandchildren, saying it was quick and easy to do because all that needed to be done was cut and tie the ribbon streamers.


Jean bought a tinsel ghost at the Dollar Tree, and knew it would be a big hit with her granddaughter. The plan was to simply loop and tie 1-yard strips of the Gwen Studios ribbon onto the bottom ghost form, alternating the colors of ribbon. What a cute project they made!

looping the ribbon

The ghost only took about 30 minutes for her granddaughter to make, just the right amount of time to hold a child’s attention. They hung the ghost on a tree branch and the ribbon streamers dance in the wind!


Her older brother saw the completed ghost….and you guessed it….wanted to make a character of his own!


Here are a few more characters they made using the same ribbon technique. These spooky streamer characters are great to hang from tree branches, on a door, or even in a child’s room!

Bats, Spider Webs, and Pumpkins. OH MY!!!

Best of all, Jean and her grandchildren made memories together that her grandchildren will long remember. It’s the little things in life that matter. Take time to make a memory today with your children.


Happy Crafting,


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