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Festive Halloween Candy Jars

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October 26, 2021
October 12, 2021
Halloween candy jars

I started thinking about Halloween this morning and I remembered a very special friend shared this idea with me.  She always has the best crafty ideas!!  

Here’s an idea I know you will just love since it is quick and easy to make!


Halloween Candy Jars with Adorable Ribbon Decorations.

I particularly love the jar with the “tutu” skirt and was amazed to see how this was created…on ¼” elastic!

Simply tie the elastic around the jar and knot it (not too snug, you want to be able to slip it off). Slip the elastic off the jar.                                                                                                                              

Cut strips of Gwen’s ribbon in Halloween colors about 6”long then alternate colors as you tie them onto the elastic. Add in a little sparkled orange tulle netting as you tie.

When the “tutu” is full enough, slip it back over the jar that you’ve filled with candy.

The jar is already cute, but you could add little half round ball stickers with black rhinestone eyes, or even the candy eyes from the cake decorating section!

Now that you’ve seen how quick it is, why not make another? Make a bow with Orange, Yellow and Black ribbon and some Orange Sparkle Tulle.

Wire or glue the bow onto on elastic you have tied to fit the jar neck. Add google eyes or candy eyes. Fill the jar with candy. There, you are done!

How about one more? The spider legs are made with strips of 3/8” Black Grosgrain ribbon and crisscross glued to the top of the jar.

Half round black glitter sticker were added to the tip of the ribbons (optional).The spider body is a screw off cap from a condiment bottle. And of course, don’t forget the google eyes!

Your little ones are going to love these candy jars, and what a cute decoration for your kitchen or family room!  Or make them for Halloween Party Favors!


Until next time,


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