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Christmas Memories

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December 23, 2021
December 23, 2021
Christmas Memories

I was thinking about past Christmases and would like to share my thoughts.  I remember as a little girl being very excited about the day our Christmas tree would be decorated.  My wonderful father was designated the parent responsible for getting the tree up. I remember the challenges he faced with the multicolor lights that would adorn our humble tree cut from the woods. My brother and I placed each ornament with care and great thought.   Finally, when completed it was magnificent.

As I got older and was living in another state, I remember coming home to my parents and going to the woods with my father to cut greenery we would use for decorating the dining table and chandelier; a big red bow was always the finishing touch needed!!!   By then we had progressed to an artificial tree but it was so very special because my Mother always decorated the tree with balls, red bows, and real candy (chocolates and candy canes) for the children to enjoy. By then we had grown to 25 family members for Christmas Day Dinner.  After Dinner but before the gifts were opened my beautiful Mother opened her Bible and read the Christmas story to us.  After all the many gifts were opened, the kids were allowed to remove the candy from the tree.   What excitement!!!!!!

Later in my career I traveled and made friends all over the US and in many foreign countries.  I have so many wonderful friends and memories I could share but I will save those thoughts for a later day.  

I hope each of you are making wonderful memories this season.  In addition, regardless of your faith or belief, let’s pray for peace and good will to all.  

Hugs and Merry Christmas


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