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10 Days of Ribbon Christmas Countdown: Day 10 Holiday Candle Holder

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December 22, 2021
December 22, 2021
10 Days of Ribbon Christmas Countdown: Day 10 Holiday Candle Holder

Our 10 Day Countdown to Christmas ends today with this beautiful holiday candle. During the Christmas season, and other holidays, I love to decorate with candles. There is just something about the light and glow that makes you feel cozy and content.


Candles with a flame always present decorating challenges, as the embellishments need to be placed away from the flame so they don’t ignite. A glass container works well for this.

This project is made on an LED candle, so it will always look “fresh”. How clever! All the joy of candlelight with no messy burning wax. The LED candle is still in glass to mimic being a “real” candle, so the ribbon and trims adorn the glass container. You can make this project either way –real candle or LED and it will look equally gorgeous.


The Red double-faced satin ribbon and the simple touch of Red and White striped grosgrain look so elegant with the berry and pinecone garland.  An easy to make 20 minute or less project, just right to round out our project features.


Wishing you light, love, and precious time with family and friends this Holiday Season. Don’t forget to enjoy the little things…


Happy Holidays to All,



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